"Nothing is finer, nothing more exquisite than a painted portrait by an accomplished master."

Throughout the ages, the painted portrait has been a symbol of success. Kings, Queens, Presidents, and just plain people like you and I all understand the value of a painted portrait. It is the ultimate memento of the fleeting moments of childhood, or the love of a man for a woman; Whether a family portrait, or a portrait of the successful businessman or woman, nothing compares.

Gary Holland is a recognized master of the art of the painted portrait. He paints in the medium of oil on linen, where your finished work of art will endure for many generations. He has been a member of such organizations as the Portrait Society of America (PSA), and American Society of Portrait Artists (ASOPA) and a speaker at national portrait conventions. He is often called upon to judge arts events. His work is exhibited throughout the United States, and in such countries as Russia, Lithuania, Vietnam, Haiti and Western Europe.

He is the author of The Children of Haiti, and is currently completing books based on his paintings entitled The Children of Vietnam, The Children of Eastern Europe, and Mothers and Children.
Motivational paintings by Gary Holland - including fine painted portraits - www.hollandgallery.com


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