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Travel Photo Tours and Art Workshops

NOTE: Please express your interest as soon as possible. Classes are being set based on feedback from potential students.
Tentative Tour-Workshops are being planned to: China (Li-Jiang / Dali area), Vietnam, Grand Teton National Park, Grand Canyon National Park.

These tours are great fun! You’ll learn more about painting/drawing, photography, cultures and stir up some serious inspiration in your soul. You’ll have great food, travel, wonderful scenes and people, daily demonstrations, how-to sessions on photography for artists. Consider expanding your horizons and inspiring your inner vision by attending one of these tours. Tentative dates: September and October, 2009; January, February and June of 2010. Please call or email for more information or to get your name on the list of interested artists/photographers. Fees: Depend on location. We’ll keep them as low as possible. Please express your interest as soon as possible. We’ll then finish the development and you can confirm if you desire.

1-week workshops :
( Please express your interest as soon as possible. Classes are being set based on feedback from potential students.)

Tentative locations: Tucson Arizona, Phoenix/Scottsdale Arizona, Boise Idaho, Denver Colorado, Salt Lake City Utah. Workshops begin in September and occur monthly through June of 2010.

This is a traditional drop-in workshop in which you will learn technique in the mornings and receive individual instruction related to your personal goals in the afternoons. Added attractions:
--mini workshop-within-a-workshop on the art of photography for artists.
--demonstration on painting a picture from beginning to end, one evening during the course.
--daily demonstrations related to the techniques being studied.

Students will be taught to paint anything they see…yes, anything! They will be using quick-painting and drawing techniques which distill the elements of good technique into a simple form that can be easily remembered.

Students will learn to evaluate the art of others that they admire, then practice techniques that those artists employ.

In other words, we learn a solid basic approach to painting and supplement it with artistic techniques of the masters.

8 month apprentice program

(Please express your interest as soon as possible. Classes are being set based on feedback from potential students.)

Locations: Phoenix Arizona, Denver Colorado, Salt Lake City Utah, Boise Idaho.

Would you like an intensive program that trains you to be a professional, working artist? Are you passionate about your art? Do you desire to become a professional artist…before you’re too old to hold a brush? Are you a student who wants to be a serious, respected Professional Artist and illustrator?

Many, if not most artists have attempted to study art at Universities or art schools, only to be frustrated by not being “functional” in their craft at the end of the program. They aren’t professionals. Most never become true professionals. Their college career was largely a waste of time and money. They had to do something else for a living. In 1979 Gary himself switched his studies to Music and Psychology rather than waste his time in a university program which didn’t teach what he desired to learn. He learned art by himself, from how-to books and copying Master paintings. He received degrees in Music and Psychotherapy. Later he realized his heart was still yearning to be an artist. After launching his professional career, he studied with famous artists i.e. Daniel Green, Zhang Wen Xin, Ted Goerschner, Ramon Kelley and others, who mostly reinforced what he learned alone from his books. This is the slow way to learn art. After writing a book and receiving international acclaim for his paintings of children, he received a Masters degree in Art.

You don’t need to spend 30 years becoming a Professional Artist. There’s a much faster route both for the young adult desiring an Art career and the older adults who want to reclaim their earlier dreams of being a Professional Artist.

In 2008-2009 Gary launched his Apprentice Artist program in Arizona and in Idaho. Because of its success he will continue the program in 2009, beginning in September.

Is this program for you? Gary is looking for students who are advanced-intermediate artists, interested in an intensive program of instruction and willing to commit to a 2-year program. The goal is to reinforce or re-teach your fundamental technical skills, then add to those skills the ability to understand and follow your personal, unique vision for your work. In other words, a collector will say: “ She has great technical skill with her medium, and her work is consistent in its vision, its direction.” Collectors love such artists as these, who are consistently good at their craft and have an inner vision that permeates their work, setting it apart from others. Such art transcends “high priced wallpaper” which merely decorates a home.

Students will be expected to follow Gary’s instructions by practicing at least 4 -6 hours daily, at least 4 days weekly, for an 8 month period. Gary will teach approximately one 4-day week each month in which the he will set goals, analyze student homework, re-teach unlearned concepts and introduce/practice new concepts. Then you go home and practice, following an outline. You will be encouraged to paint together whenever possible to help you move forward in as straight a path as possible. Faster paced artists will be encouraged to move ahead…once basic principles are mastered.

In the past the most successful students were those who simply did the homework. It’s intensive, but the goal is to make you into a professional artist in approximately 2 years time.

If you have not attended any art school / university program, your course would be designed to be completed in approximately 3 years.

The goal? Be functional, saleable, collectible. Learn to market your good work and receive the publicity you need.


If you are interested, please call Gary for more information and send photos or a link to your website for his review.
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